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Equil Consulting

Equil Consulting was born of the idea that people are capable of collaborating. Commerce moves quickly and many people can become narrow in their vision and less flexible in their ability to identify compromises that will benefit all involved.


Our name is based on the game theory that was developed by the mathematician John Nash. His theory, the Nash Equilibrium, can be described as a solution to a problem between two or more entities who want the best outcome for themselves but must take the actions of others into account. Nash equilibrium is reached when players cannot improve their payoff by independently changing their strategy.


While the calculations in this theory are complex, its solution is simple; in most instances, there is a negotiated balance where each interested party can find a reasonable and sustainable gain. 


We recognize this potential and are committed to helping organizations and individuals find the insight to maximize their potential while recognizing the value in strategic collaboration.


Meet our Founder:


Jeff E.B. Johnson,  Founder & CEO



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