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Executive Search or Rescue

What We Do

We are your strategic leadership consultants and talent management partners. Acquiring, developing and keeping your talent is one of the most difficult things to accomplish for your business. Having a partner who is dedicated to your success and can provide you with an 

objective, unbiased perspective will give your organization an invaluable advantage over the competition. We take pride in the relationships we build and the time and effort we dedicate to understanding our client's business needs, both short and long-term objectives. Our process is phased, resulting in a well-developed strategic talent management plan. 


Our first step is focused on understanding your current talent pool and organizational culture. Our belief is that an in-depth analysis of your current human capital assets is a critical first step to any search engagement. The results of this analysis will dictate whether it makes more sense to SEARCH for an outside candidate or RESCUE an existing internal asset. 


Along with this talent analysis, we believe that assessing and managing organizational culture so that it aligns and supports your business strategy is critical to any organization's success. Understanding our clients is the cornerstone of our mission and as part of every engagement, we provide your organization with a strategic cultural gap analysis. This report will help your organization crystalize the alignment between your people and business strategy; giving you critical insight into the acquisition of key leadership.


This cultural data will inform the next phase of building a strategic workforce strategy. While executive search can seem narrow and "laser-focused" the overall effect of leadership change is broad-reaching and can impact organizations at all levels. Leadership search should be informed by, and align with, broader workforce planning to ensure that a cohesive and sustainable strategy is developed and deployed.

Executive Search & Recruitment

We bring deep management consulting experience to every search, ensuring that your people and business strategy are aligned and support the broader objectives of your organization. Using this approach allows us to be an optimal brand ambassador for your organization.


While we work on behalf of your organization and understand the need for confidentiality, we also understand how important the candidate experience is to the process. We adeptly balance these sometimes competing needs in order to make sure that our talent pool is deep and that candidates are happy to take our calls; making our passive searches exceedingly more effective. 

Executive Search Services

Equil tackles your talent management needs holistically and with a consultative approach. Each engagement is thoughtfully assessed and in general our services include:

  • Strategic role and succession planning analysis.

  • Organizational culture assessment (using highly researched and validated tools).

  • Leadership Alignment Analysis using our proprietary methodology.

  • Three Executive Onboarding/Integration Coaching sessions for all senior level (VP +) placements.

OCAI Survey

If you have been asked by one of our consultants to complete the OCAI survey, please click on the button below. Your consultant will notify you to discuss your results.

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