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Management Consulting

Some of the strategies that we have helped our clients with include:


- Compliance & Ethics 

- Business Model Strategy


- Corporate/Organizational Culture Assessment and Change

- Business Case Development

- Value Proposition Development and Brand Alignment


- Human Capital Management:


Organizational needs analysis, job description review and development and the design of attraction/retention strategies. 


- Operational Redesign:


Efficiency/effectiveness review to realize increased performance and profitability.


Leadership concept, isolated with clippi

Executive Search

We are your strategic talent management partners dedicated to your success and providing you with an objective unbiased perspective that will give your organization an invaluable advantage over the competition.  Our Executive Search process is customized and we take pride in the relationships we build and the time and effort we dedicate to understanding our client's business needs, both short and long-term objectives. 

Equil tackles your talent management needs holistically and with a consultative approach. Each engagement is thoughtfully assessed and in general, our services include:

  • Strategic role and succession planning analysis.

  • Organizational culture assessment (using highly researched and validated tools).

  • Leadership Alignment Analysis using our proprietary methodology.

  • Three Executive Onboarding/Integration Coaching sessions for all senior-level (VP +) placements.

Executive Coaching 

We are your Thought Partners; providing you a space to think through your challenges while helping you to develop a strategy to reach your goals. We understand how complicated life, in general, can be. We also understand the stress involved in chasing one's dreams

or having everyone look to you for 

answers. Our approach gives you insight into your strengths (with assessments administered at the beginning of each engagement) and helps you leverage those strengths in order to create a deep resource of empowerment.


Please read more about our executive coaching process and have your HR or leadership reach out to discuss engagement options.

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