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Executive Coaching

Executive coaching has evolved from being a tool to correct deficits or merely helping clients make specific behavioral changes (such as improved listening skills, communication style, etc. ) to assist them in developing insight and new skills in order to effectively transform their employees and work environment. Executives today are expected to identify current and future challenges and adapt quickly to create solutions. Executive coaching is an integral part of an organization's overall strategic plan. Organizations invest a substantial sum of money on executive pay and perquisites and providing support for those leaders ensures a strong return on that investment (ROI).


Executives are often elevated to leadership roles based on narrow and deep expertise critical to the success of an organization or industry. As executives move out of ‘management’ roles and into ‘leadership” roles it becomes necessary to broaden and enhance their people management or interpersonal skill sets. For many executives, this intuitive work is daunting and difficult to navigate; however, leadership is less about how the work is getting done and more about why. In order to be effective, the leader needs to understand how to reach back throughout the organization and bring everyone along to the new heights of success.










We at Equil are experts in balancing the intersection between business strategy and human behavior. We help identify the very strengths that propelled the executive to their leadership role and highlight how these strengths can support further development. Our approach is based on understanding how the values of the leader align with the organizational values.   We work closely with executives and aspiring senior leaders to:


  • Increase social and emotional intelligence

  • Improve communication styles in order to pull passion through the entire organization and its employees

  • Better understand company culture and how it affects organizational dynamics and business strategy development

  • Identify and build a strong leadership team

  • Providing a trusted third party resource your leadership can lean on during M&A and other change efforts


Each engagement is highly customized but generally includes:


  • Assessment of organizational culture in order to build a culturally informed executive development plan.

  • 6-month intensive coaching with either a 3-6-month maintenance period to ensure that course-corrections can be made to the developmental plan. 

  • 360-degree assessment and/or interviews at the beginning, middle, and end of the engagement.

  • Individual assessments (e.g. CPI 260, MBTI Type II, MSCEIT, LPI, DISC, etc.) administered and interpreted.



Reach out to us today to see how we can help you and your organization exceed your goals this year.

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Our coaching staff has deep knowledge of human behavior and have demonstrated this knowledge by obtaining the Board Certified Coach (BCC) designation, accredited by the National Board of Certified Counselors. Please visit ( for more information about the rigorous requirements for BCC certification.

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