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Consulting Services

Equil Consulting is a boutique firm that has deep knowledge in specialized areas. We are strategic planning experts, helping our clients to better understand their value proposition and create an optimal operational culture to deliver that value. Our process will help reduce the "noise" in your organization that can disctract focus from the exceeding critical success metrics.


We focus our efforts on two foundational aspects of every planning and/or change initiative; your business model and business case:

Business Model Analysis

A strong business model will allow your organization to gain insight into your organization's operations, adapt quickly to external competition and streamline the business case for a new product or service. Having a strong business model also helps to clarify your organization's value proposition, making it easier to communicate your competitive edge and helping all employees to be better brand ambassadors. We use highly intuitive tools like the Business Model Canvas (to the left) to help develop/analyze your business model, create a strategic plan, and build a communication feedback loop so that "course corrections" can be made throughout the process to reduce wasted time and capital. Learn more about the process here.

Business Case
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A well-developed business case is as much about what SHOULD be undertaken as what SHOULDN'T be undertaken. The business case should support either your organization's value proposition or the value proposition of a specific division or proposed service/product. A business case both supports your business model and establishes your rationale for making changes to your current operational strategy. The business model can be used to test a new strategy before the more formal and robust process of developing a full business plan. Explore more about building a business case here.

The Culture Lens
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Striking that equilibrium between organizational uniformity and individuality is complicated but essential to success. Equil is convinced that a successful organizational strategy has to be supported by an effective organizational culture. Culture is like water. It is fluid but strong enough to support a large structure (e.g. ship, iceberg). It can also be destructive if not well managed. Please explore our organizational culture consulting services here.

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