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Helping you see both
the forest and the trees.
What We Do

Equil Consulting is a management consulting firm that helps companies become more "purpose-driven." We help organizations define, refine, and communicate their purpose, explaining to both employees and customers why they do what they do and ultimately a company's value.

Many of our clients come to us asking "how" to fix a financial, operational, or human capital issue. By reframing that question to "why" that problem exists, we help identify misalignment between policies and procedures that do not support an organization's purpose.

Gaining this insight allows leaders to clearly identify the motivation behind business issues and how to implement effective change. Our approach is holistic, helping leaders to create an engaged employee culture that will support their organization's financial, operational, and growth strategies.

Equil Consulting is focused on helping leaders understand how organizational culture supports strategy. We believe that at the core, every organization is purpose-driven. Oftentimes, the "mission" and the "purpose" of an organization can blur together. We believe, however, that purpose informs the mission, connecting members of an organization to a common purpose and passion for their work. Research shows that when employees understand an organization's purpose, they are more engaged in helping drive firm-wide success.

We at Equil are your Thought Partners who take pride in co-creating a powerful and efficient organizational culture where your employees and managers can easily align with your business strategy. 


Why We Do It

Organizational Solutions

Managing organizations through constant change can be a challenge. From implementing the correct strategy, building the right team and keeping everyone aligned with your unique vision and culture can be daunting. Many times those guiding this process feel alone in this effort. We understand this feeling of isolation and provide tailored solutions that support everyone in this ever changing growth process. 

Friendly Handshake

Individual Solutions

We can help you to support and develop your most important assets...your people. Executive/leadership coaching is a powerful solution that provides a safe-space for leaders to explore and test new management ideas. We are your Thought Partners, providing your internal HR team with an external perspective while helping your internal talent achieve both individual and organizational goals. 


“Equil Consulting really helped me as a new Health and Wellness business owner. They gave me the tools to form a business plan, branding, setting up my website and blogging tips. They also assisted with marketing ideas that have given me more clients over the past few months. I highly recommend them if you are looking to grow or brand your business culture.” 

—  Owner, Health and Welfare Business

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